Services and facilities

  1. Library membership : Library cards issued to the students for issuing of books from the library at the beginning of the new session.
  2. Circulation of library books
  3. Library provides books to the faculty members at the beginning of the classes.
  4. Reference service to the users
  5. Reprography facilities
  6. Card catalogue cabinet
  7. Journal display cabinet
  8. Internet facilities – Wi-Fi internet access to the students
  9. Bibliographic reference service
  10. Information services
  11. Reading room service
  12. Automated library catalogue system
  13. Library clearance to be given to the students before form fill up of the final examination and also to teaching and non-teaching staff members before giving release order from the college.
  14. Library organizes book exhibition each and every Thursday during college hours.
  15. Library sends reminder to the students those who do not return the library books allotted to their cards within due date.
  16. In house access to e-resources and remote access to e-resources through N-list program is available
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(a) Mon - Sat 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
(b) Sunday & Holidays Closed
(a) Mon - Sat 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(a) Student (Hon.) 4 books
(b) Student (Gen.) 3 books
(c) Teachers 8 books
(d) Guest 4 books
(e) Non-teaching 4 books

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